Proper grooming is an important part of caring for your dog. It not only makes your dog look fabulous, but also contributes to your pup’s physical and emotional health.

Properly clipped toenails insure that your dog can walk and exercise in comfort. Regular ear cleaning can help prevent and detect painful ear infections. For thick coated dogs, regular haircuts allow more air to circulate around their skin, keeping them cool in the summer. As grooming involves a significant amount of handling and petting, it also benefits your pup’s emotional state. And as we all know, everybody feels better after a bath!

At Ciao Bow Wow, we use only all natural and organic bath and body products. From calming lavender to soothing chamomile, our shampoos and conditioners will leave your pup feeling and smelling delicious.

Our groomers are experienced, certified professionals, who truly love dogs. We use the quietest dryers on the market, and never cage-dry our dogs. And your pup will never be left in a cage during the grooming session – he will have his groomer’s full, hand-on attention throughout the entire session.

Our Fees:

A Spa Bath and Tidy starts at $55 It includes trimmed nails and pads, ears cleaned, sanitary trim, gentle massaging bath, and blow dry.

Styling fees vary by breed, temperament, and the condition of the coat.

You are invited to make an appointment to meet our groomers and discuss your pets grooming needs.

Grooming Registration is required for all of our grooming clients.

We've got an amazing (and hysterical!) roster of pups in our play group. If you're looking for daycare and/or a super groom for your bff, come by and see us.

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