Dogs are highly social animals. Dog Daycare is an invaluable service for our beloved canines and their owners. Many of us just don’t have time to exercise and socialize our dogs. Yet our dogs need to spend time romping and socializing with a “pack”.
Ciao Bow Wow provides a safe, spacious, green environment where dogs can play, exercise and benefit from being the pack member nature intended.

Dog Daycare at Ciao Bow Wow :

  • Hones Social Skills and Basic Manners by providing positive interaction with dogs and people, and by rewarding proper manners.
  • Builds Confidence and Promotes Health through supervised play that is physically and mentally stimulating.
  • Improves Owner/Dog Relationships by providing necessary socialization and exercise throughout the day, so that you can enjoy relaxed time together in the evening.
  • Curbs Destructive Behaviors at Home by giving dogs the companionship they need when you can’t be with them.
  • Provides a Nurturing Home Away From Home through our staff of loving pet professionals and our luxuriously comfortable play areas.

Our Daily Schedule:

Just like children, dogs benefit from routine. When they know who’s coming and what to expect, they are more relaxed and less prone to stress.

8:00am to 11:30am: Supervised Playtime
Our pups are supervised 100% of the time by one of our caregivers. We engage the dogs in structured activities; monitor all play to insure the safety and enjoyment of every dog; and give positive reinforcement, pats and praise for good behavior.
Noon to 2pm: Naptime
Like small children, dogs need to rest during the day, but may be having too much fun to take a nap on their own. The mid-day nap in a cozy carrier gives the dogs the rest they need, and welcome, after a full morning of activity. An overtired dog can easily become a stressed dog; and stress can lead to aggressive behavior. For the safety and enjoyment of all our dogs, naptime is a must!
2pm to 6pm: Supervised Playtime
More of the same fun and activities as in the morning session.

Daycare for Your Dog:

Daycare at Ciao Bow Wow includes whatever individual care your dog needs throughout the day, at no additional charge, including:

    • breakfast, lunch and/or dinner*
    • administering medication(s)
    • Special napping beds for dogs who are not comfortable in crates
    • Even a bath for the occasional poop emergency!

*We will store your dog’s food in our kitchen and prepare it according to your instructions at no charge, or provide Wellness dry and/or wet food for your dog at a charge of $1.00 per meal.

Our Fee Schedule:

In order for you and your dog to enjoy the maximum benefits of daycare, we recommend that you bring your dog for a full or half day at least once a week. This insures that your pup has enough regular contact with the other dogs to make friends and bond with the pack, and to understand and appreciate our daily routines.

Rates and Packages:

Single Day: $55
Sibling(s): $27.50
Half Day: $35
1 day a week/5 days per
$245/month $49/day
2 days a week/10 days per month: $450/month $45/day
3 days a week/15 days per month: $615/month $42/day
Unlimited daycare Mon – Fri/
approx 22 days per month:
$790/month $36/day

Packages must be purchased before the first of the month, are valid for the calendar month only, and are non-refundable. You may roll-over up to 2 unused days per package with the purchase of the next month’s package. You don’t have to wait till the first of the month to start you pup in daycare – you can start anytime.

*Half-Days: You are welcome to split one day in each package into two half-days, at no additional charge. If you want to split any additional day into half days (8:00am – noon and 2pm – 6pm) there will be a charge of $10.

** Extra Days: If you find you need to add a day here and there, your package “per day” rate applies.

Sibling Discount: Many of you have made the happy decision to get a second (or even third!) dog. We want to make daycare feasible for all your pups. Siblings enjoy a 50% discount on packages!

We are not offering our usual overnights at this time.  If you need a single night stay, we may be able to help.  For extended overnights we recommend Eva’s Play Pups.

Additional Discounts:

Rescue pups receive a 10% discount on all Ciao Bow Wow daycare packages. Be sure to let us know on the registration forms that you adopted your dog from a shelter or other rescue organization.

Grooming Services: Current Daycare clients receive a 15% discount on grooming services.

Daycare Applications, including a Dog Personality & Wellness Profile, Enrollment Form, and Client Agreement, must be submitted for each dog.

Transportation: Ciao Bow Wow offers complementary one-way (pick-ups or drop-offs) to customers in our area. There is a $12 service charge for round trips, per day. Our transportation service is green: by foot and/or pup buggy! Please contact us for details.

Our Dogs make our lives better and Daycare makes their lives better.

We've got an amazing (and hysterical!) roster of pups in our play group. If you're looking for daycare and/or a super groom for your bff, come by and see us.

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