Daycare Hours and Fees

398 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11217
Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. – 6 P.M.
(Excluding major holidays)

Single Day: $55 per day
Sibling(s): $27.50
Half day: $35


1 day a week/5 days per month: $245/month $49/day
2 days a week/10 days per month: $450/month $45/day
3 days a week/15 days per month: $615/month $42/day
Unlimited daycare Mon – Fri/ approx 22 days per month $790/month $36/day

Daycare Packages are valid for Monday to Friday for the calendar month only and are nonrefundable.
We will roll over up to 2 unused days to the next month with the purchase of the next consecutive month’s package. There are no roll-overs for “unlimited” packages.

Siblings receive a 50% discount on daycare services.
Rescue dogs that were adopted from a shelter or other rescue facility receive a 10% discount on daycare services.

Half-Days: One day per daycare package may be spit into two half-days, at no additional charge. Half days are as follows:

Morning half day: 8am to noon
Afternoon half day: 2pm to 6 pm

If owner chooses to split any additional day into half days, there will be a supplemental charge of $10.

Ciao Bow Wow is closed on Saturday, Sunday and major holidays. All dogs must be picked up before 6:00 pm. Late pick-ups will result in a late fee of $10 for every 15 minutes (or fraction thereof).

Reservations are suggested, but not required for daycare. Reservations allow CBW to staff appropriately for the number of dogs on a given day, and are appreciated. CBW recommends at least one day of daycare per week for Owner and dog to get the most benefit of daycare.

Unused Daycare Days

When your plans change and your pup winds up not using all of the daycare days you paid for in a given month, we don’t want you to forfeit those days and pay for services you don’t use.

When this happens, we will adjust your package to what you actually used, and credit you for the difference toward your next package. There will be a $15 administrative fee to recalculate your package and apply the credit.


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